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Wine and Alchemy: World comes to Flag

wine-and-alchemyToday I walked into Bookmans (a local used book store and internet cafe) today, which is a pretty regular occurrence, and I was greeted by something a little irregular. A world band called Wine and Alchemy had invaded dressed as Gypsies. As the acoustic guitar and accordion harmonized, their vocalist and belly dancer flitted around the cafe. They played a variety of  Greek, Armenian, “Gypsy”, Flamenco, and Middle Eastern styles while here, and they did it really quite well. They hail from San Antonio, and brought some delightful gypsy fun to the mountains of Flagstaff.  You can find some tracks to listen to at I would highly recommend them to anyone that appreciates world folk music.

Spotlight: Mokshya

mokshya_promoMökshya (Pronounced Moke-she-ah) is, simply put, a metal band. Hailing from Flagstaff, Arizona, they combine a message of acceptance and love with anger and disdain toward the core of this countries beliefs and systems. When I put their promo cd into my computer to listen to for the first time, I had no idea what I was in for. After hearing the first 10 seconds, I was forced crank my stereo up. I was absolutely delighted with what I got. Mökshya is not one of your run of the mill garage metal bands. These guys show real promise and real talent. They write intelligently, it’s not all guitar solos, and it’s not all thrashy, thrown together chords. All in all, I couldn’t be more pleased with Mökshya. I can only hope that I hear more music from here in Flag that shows as much promise as these talented musicians do. You can find more tracks by Mökshya on iTunes, where they have released their debut album, “?We the People!” They punch you in the face with their tunes and leave you begging for more.

Mökshya - “Blacklight”

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Flagstaff Local Music

Jared Montgomery is’s Flagstaff, Arizona correspondent and the head of the new regional project for the area.

Here at, we are dedicated to bringing you independent music reviews, interviews news and downloads. Well, I’ve recently found myself relocated to the beautiful town of Flagstaff, Arizona, and I realized how much local talent this city has to offer. This has prompted me to start this regional chapter of From now on, you will see posts about your local Flagstaff music scene about as fast as we can get them up. In the next few weeks, you should be seeing more and more local coverage. Hope to see all you Flagstaff locals here, checking out what’s happening in your local scene!