An interview with VHS or Beta

Who has been your favorite band to perform with?

That’s kind of a hard one. By the end of each tour I think I think we,ve grown close to all the bands. We’ve been lucky in that way I guess. Not many bands can probably be able to say that with a straight face.

How much of an influence has early funk played on you as musicians?

When we were working on the LeFunk there was always some Shuggie Otis, Basement Fear, Curtis Mayfield, or Chin Chin in the CD changer.

What are your top five most memorable moments in music?

My parents dragging me away from a guy playing the piano at Disney World because we were there to ride the rides.haha

Growing up with my fort behind the piano.

Listening to my step sister work on dance routines to thriller, the police and Duran Duran with my ear to her closed door.

Getting a hold of a bunch of really bad 45’s left behind in a basement then a Prince record, listening to Purple Rain at half speed because I didn’t know who he was and started liking old blues singers because of it.

When the band first started getting bigger, having someone come up to me and not knowing I was in the band, and told me I should listen to the record

What advantages does being on a major label present for you?

Goofy talks and emails from the cool crew we work with over there. ; )

What kinds of new experiences have you had being on tour?

Getting out of the house. Haha.

What’s the deal with airline peanuts?

They’re the only thing the airlines give you that you can manage to keep down.

What was the biggest factor in your musical development, either as a band, or as individuals?

See above

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