An interview with The Rails

You’re a fairly young band, how does this affect your take on being musicians?

Well, Sam has studied music quite in depth since she was ten, so even though she’s relatvely young, she’s also quite experienced. The overall feel is that it means we’ve got more energy, enthusiasm and time to do things! We’re not all pre-occupied with full time jobs, so can put more effort into making music. We’re also an impressionable bunch, so we have a wide range of influences, past and present.

What seperates you from so many other young bands — I mean, it must be easy to feel lost among the crowd at times, right?

We take it seriously and look to the future and what would be best for the band as a whole. We make sure we play any gigs we get and arent afraid to play venues and events most bands wouldnt play (for example, we’ve played two gigs in a local church hall). Also, we’ve never latched onto the covers scene, which is how most young bands start and develop. It’s just not how we want to be known as. We’re not just another piss-poor covers band.

What is your favorite part about performing live? Any specific moments that stick out in your mind?

We cant recall any precise details of performing live (except for when we played after the 747s at Liverpool Barfly), just that its good to see people actually listening to your music, often singing along to songs that haven’t even been recorded yet. Its also nice to see how we work together as a band, its obvious on stage how good friends we are. But im sure as we gain more and more gig experience, and get a chance to play larger venues, we will have a lot more to look back on this time next year.

What are your plans as far as a formal recording goes?

We want to record as much as possible, any opportunity we get! We’ve already recorded one demo (‘Three Tracks’ available free on the site), and are looking to go into the studio again pretty soon. The only problem is finances, as we’re all unemployable students ;)

Besides more recording, do you have any grandiose plans for the future?

Just to make music for people who want to listen to it really. We dont have a master plan, just high hopes and a lot of energy to put the effort in to become a well known, respected band. It would just make us so happy to get our music heard, and get a chance to record what we think are a decent set of songs. Playing live is also one of our favourite parts of being in the band, and I think that shows when people get a chance to see us.

How about mundane plans? Any of those?

Mundane? We’re not really that kind of band! :P

Do you look at music as being a potential career, or just something that you enjoy?

Definitely a career.. We want to take The Rails as far as we can. We’re a pretty hard working and devoted band, and it would be our perfect career choice. How can you not want to keep doing something that makes you happy?

How wide is your range of influences?

Our influences range from obvious older bands such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Jeff Buckley, right the way through to much younger bands of today, for example Arctic Monkeys and The Zutons. In between, there are established, but still ‘our generation’ bands, namely Muse, Radiohead and The Libertines.

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