An interview with NahemaH

Your sound manages to encompass a number of styles. What are your major influences, and how do you manage to combine them?

We have a lot of of influences, mainly swedish melodic death metal, experimental rock, post metal/post hardcore, stoner rock, some dark pop bands, and electronic music (electro, drum & bass, deep, minimal…), but we don’t ?copy and paste? all that styles in order to compose a song, if you combine them as puzzle pieces you will only get a copy of a band, style or sound. To compose we only use the feelings that cause inside us all music styles we like and we show our own point of view with our musical language.

Do you have a typical songwriting process?

I think that every band has its typical songwriting process, and NahemaH’s songwriting process is almost the same we use to compose the music.We start writting the lyrics when the music is finished, and to find the inspiration to get the song’s theme we only have to listen the music of the song to write about and write about the feelings and images that cause inside us the song, riff or sound we listen.

Did you approach Lifeforce, or did Lifeforce approach you? What can you tell us about signing with them?

We approached Lifeforce. The Second Philosophy was fully recorded before signing with them and we sent lots of 4 song promo packs workdwide and Lifeforce was one of these labels we sent our promo pack. We only received a few answers from very, very small labels, we decided not to sign with them and to wait a little bit more for the response from a bigger one… and yeah man! We passed the difficult a&r section and Lifeforce contacted with us to sign with them.

We are very proud of signing with a growing label like Lifeforce Records, we think they are very professional in their business and they treat the artists they have in their roster really good.

What music has been important to your musical development as a group?

Always has been extreme music. NahemaH was formed in 1997, and musicians and people have an evolution. In the early years was very important to us melodic death metal, melodic/symphonic black metal, gothic music, and dark sounds. Nowadays we like dark and extreme music but things have changed because we are older as persons and more experienced as musicians. We think to be different and to get a personal sound you have to explore styles outside the music you play, styles outside extreme music even outside metal and rock music.

Why did you form?

Normally a band is formed because a few teenagers have a dream and a necessity of making art, music and grow as musicians and as artists. That’s what happened to us when we formed.

Nahemah seems to be a name with varied historical meanings–does it mean anything specifically to you, or is it merely a name?

The name has a big load of meanings, We always liked historical literature and mythology. Nahemah is a Sumerian and Babylonic mith, the goddes of dark beauty and perversion, was Lilith’s sister and both two have a very dark story, you know, they were called Babylon whores. Hehehe. We thought was very good this name for the band because we always have seen music and art through a dark glass.

The Second Philosophy will be released soon; how do you feel it matches to what you were trying to achieve?

We think it matches perfectly to get our achievents, because there will be released all the songs we wanted with the artwork we wanted and worldwide as we expected, so is really cool because we have the perfect infrastructure with Lifeforce Records. Now is time to work really hard in our rehearsal room and on the stage, we want to tour as much as possible to show that we really work and worth as a band.

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