An interview with Night Runs Red

Could you start off by giving a brief history of Night Runs Red?

We actually started out in the spring on 2004 as more of a metal hardcore style band. Dan and Cameron (vocals and drums) were among the original members, But the original line up had a different Bassist and Guitar player. We worked really hard for a year and put out a demo and we then were ready to record an EP and had shows lined up. Unfortunately personal Issues came up just days before going into the studio and only a week before our first show. Dan was almost ready to call it quits until Cameron convinced him to give it another go. We spent the next year picking up new members and writing new songs that fit the style we wanted to play which was more toward traditional hardcore. Since then we have been going strong with TJ and Shonn on Guitar and Chris on Bass.

You just recorded a new demo, explain what the experience was like?

It’s always a learning experience every time you record, but this one has gone by alot faster considering we only put out 3 songs. our good friend Adam who has filled in on Guitar these last 2 shows does our Demo recordings out of his house and does an amazing job for what he has to work with. But we are currently looking for a studio to record our upcoming EP.

Where did the name Night Runs Red come from?

Cameron our drummer was at a swap meet awhile back and came across a really crappy B movie called ” Night Runs Red ” and he thought it would make a cool band name. So we voted on it and it stuck.

You seem very well accepted into the southern Utah hardcore scene, Do you get this same “acceptance” elsewhere?

Well the only other place we have played is our hometown of Las Vegas, NV. We get a good response there so far and we hope to further grow on the kids. But a problem I’ve noticed from coast to coast with Hardcore ,is kids generally go for whats ” in ” . Which by by today’s standards is Heavy breakdowns and tuff guy attitudes. While bands like us get labeled off as posi and are lucky to be labeled as Hardcore.

What do you feel is the main message or feeling you are trying to get across?

Personally I write lyrics that are truly from the heart but I try not do what most bands do and write selfishly about the same thing over and over again. Whether I’m writing about Bad relationships, friendships, or just plain bad choices that I’ve made; the overall theme is trying to find your place in a world that seemingly keeps you down, and searching deep inside yourself, admitting your mistakes, making amends with the past, and trying to find your light in a place that seems so dark.

How do you feel about small personal shows like last nights?

I think those type of shows is what makes hardcore great. Big shows are fun, but in hardcore I believe there is no separation between the band and the audience. That’s what separates hardcore from the other music genres. We hope to play many more shows like last night.

Are there any bands or individuals that you look to for inspiration?

Well I think every band out there draws inspiration from bands of the past and even current bands. We are particularly inspired by bands who have paved the way like Turning Point, Minor Threat, Judge, Chain of Strength and In My Eyes. We also draw inspirations from current bands who up the standard in hardcore such as American Nightmare, Have Heart, AFI, Shipwreck, Killing The Dream, Champion, and Life Long Tragedy. Dan draws much of his inspiration through Historical figures and Literature.

What do you hope for the future going to be like for Night Runs Red?

To Play a lot of shows, Tour everywhere possible, and have a lot of fun.

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