An interview with Say Hi, who released a new album today

Say Hi / Courtesy of Sneak Attack MediaEric Elbogen of Say Hi (previously Say Hi To Your Mom), who, today, release The Wishes and the Glitch, answers a few questions from regarding the new album, working with David Bazan and John Roderick, and more. Read after the jump for more of the interview, tracks from The Wishes and the Glitch, and links to purchase music from the group. Say Hi were previously the subject of a spotlight.

Say Hi — “Northwestern Girls” | download

What’s the geekiest thing you did during the recording of The Wishes and the Glitch?

Well, cooping up in a bedroom full of music equipment for six months for twelve hours a day is pretty geeky, don’t you agree? I got nothing else.

What prompted the contributions from David Bazan and John Roderick? What was it like working with them?

I got to know both John and Dave a little bit over the past few years, from doing shows with The Long Winters and Headphones and just from moving to Seattle, where you end up running into the same people at every show you go to. I just put it out there and both of them were kind enough to indulge me and come over for a few hours to contribute. I have to say that both experiences were pretty exciting. I’ve listened to their records for many years and feel extremely lucky that they wanted to be involved. Both of them have very distinct voices and it was pretty surreal to sit there and listen to those voices fill up my little cave of a studio, singing my songs, voices that I’ve heard so many times on their own records, singing their own songs. Having them guest on this record definitely makes my list of top ten most exciting experiences.

Why did you move from Brooklyn to Seattle?

I needed a break from the hustle and bustle of New York City. I wanted to move somewhere I could afford to live without roommates.

Say Hi — “Toil and Trouble” | download

How do you approach the music writing process?

I write every single day and then try and pick out the best of the crop when it’s time to make a record.

Aside from music, what are your interests?

Not much, really. A cute, compelling girl is the only thing that can distract me from being obsessed with working on music.

Say Hi — “Zero to Love” | download

What are your plans following the release of the new album?

The usual, really. Lots of touring to support the record. I’ve started writing for the sixth record, too.

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