Released This Week: The Telepathic Butterflies – Breakfast in Suburbia

The Telepathic ButterfliesThe Telepathic Butterflies
Breakfast in Suburbia
Rainbow Quartz, 2008

The Telepathic Butterflies – “Telescope” | download

One thing is made clear from the opening track of Breakfast in Suburbia: The Telepathic Butterflies (what a name!) are rooted in a 1960s pop aesthetic, their apparent influences a combination of the usual suspects: The Beach Boys and The Beatles, most notably, with a nice dose of surf rock playing out in the guitar tones. There’s enough of a psychedelic inflection in the music produced by the duo that citing Barrett-era Pink Floyd wouldn’t be completely off the mark, either.

While producing a prominent ‘vintage’ sound, there’s something undeniably modern about The Telepathic Butterflies, and perhaps that’s because of the resurgence of ’60s-influenced pop music that came about in the form of early-career Of Montreal or Starlight Mints; either way, there’s nothing to complain about with any real veracity. Breakfast in Suburbia is a solid pop album with enough of a personality that it shouldn’t be lost among a crowd of bands similarly influenced.

Telepathic Butterflies have a nice grasp of vocal harmony; no doubt that comes from their pop pedigree. Likewise, there’s a certain neatness to their clean-toned guitar that’s attractive to tired ears. Breakfast in Suburbia isn’t one of those overtly distorted pop records that crashes into listeners with pesky ferocity, opting to exercise a more gentle method; Telepathic Butterflies, with their well-played pop sensibilities, have a definite winner with Breakfast in Suburbia.

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