Released This Week: Inquiet – Inq Beyong

Inquiet - Inq BeyongInquiet
Inq Beyong
Brother Sister Records, August 15, 2008

Inquiet – “Fresh Flesh” | download

Inquiet is an experimental pop group from Australia: That’s not a phrase you hear too often in many musical circles, especially those in the northern hemisphere. That’s got little to nothing to do with the musical quality here, to be honest.

Inq Beyong culls influence from several sources; from Cambodian ceremony to Brian Eno, thick strands of a diverse musical background lace this record, the solo project of Sam Szoke-Burke, co-founder of Brother Sister Records and a member of label-mates Drama For Yamaha.

This is a record that might take a bit of listening to really catch on for most listeners: The native percussion styles, the sweepingly ambient vocals, and dense soundscapes present on Inq Beyong call for a deal of attention to be placed on these thematic elements.

Inq Beyong a bit too complex to make for easy background listening, and a bit too simple to be enjoyed without thought; Inquiet reaches a difficult middle zone that may find them with very few listeners willing to invest the time required to enjoy this layered release to its fullest. Of course, not everyone will put forth that attention, but those that do should find themselves with a record that doesn’t disappoint.

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