News Commentary: The Moldy Peaches allow song re-write for resort commercial

Though the ad was released a few months ago, I’ve just now seen it: The Moldy Peaches have, apparently, allowed a re-write of their strangely popular and irreverent “Anyone Else But You” to appear in a commercial for a Bahama Resort: Atlantis. This, on its own, is odd. What’s even odder is looking up from my desk at the CNN-tuned television in the newsroom and discovering that the song I recognized almost immediately wasn’t quite the song I expected. No, it was a strange re-write, the lyrics to which I’ve now forgotten, and The Moldy Peaches… approved it?

The bigger question, I guess, is why the obnoxious indie kids were even considered in the first place. Sure, “Anyone Else But You” was a success after the release of Juno, but it isn’t exactly the most marketing-friendly piece of music they could have considered. Perhaps the marketing group should have considered listening to some of the band’s other tracks: “Steak For Chicken” would have elicited some interested responses, and “Who’s Got the Crack” likely would have scared them away entirely.

In any case, this certainly is … strange. Watch the ad at Rolling Stone.

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