Southern Utah: The Gorgeous Hussies continue tour in Cedar City, St. George

The Gorgeous HussiesThe Gorgeous Hussies, a fun-filled Salt Lake City-based power pop band with more than a modicum of jazz and funk influence, will be performing in both St. George and Cedar City, Utah. Their live performances are a thing to behold, with performances sometimes including a fusion-esque performance of “Wanna Be,” the hit from England-based recording group The Spice Girls.

The band will be performing at the St. George Street Fair on Thursday, Oct. 23, at The Grind Coffee House in Cedar City on Friday, Aug.  29, and at the Brian Head Resort on Saturday, Aug. 30.

Check out The Gorgeous Hussies on their MySpace, or listen below to a new track from the group, “Pop Chanteuse” and an older track, “Dangerously Similar”. The band has also been the subject of a spotlight and an interview on this lovely site.

The Gorgeous Hussies – “Pop Chanteuse”

The Gorgeous Hussies – “Dangerously Similar”

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