Exciting new Puget Sound psych-folk quintet The Cat From Hue embodies Seattle environment

The Cat From Hue, indie/psych-folk quintet from Camano Island, Washington, are an interesting listen. Clearly influenced by other indie bands from the northwest, Modest Mouse and Portugal. The Man, this young group uniquely portrays the Puget Sound in their lyrics alongside upbeat, folksy instrumentals. In “Welcome Back The Rain,” through well constructed folk guitar, slow drum beats, tambourine, and high keys, their music emulates the sound and feeling of a typical rainy day in the Puget Sound. Their lyrics in this song are delivered strong and sleepy, with the verse declaring “We watch the days run down to the hour change/We watch the green leaves turn around, and walk through the sleet and the rain…” and more cleverly sour lyrics regarding the Seattle music scene: “I hear the Puget Sound is Land of the Green/I reciprocate the meaning with the speech about the scene […] just a crow in my crow’s nest/tippin’ back my Seattle’s Best Coffee.”

The Cat From Hue — “Welcome Back The Rain,” from Shoreline

The Cat From Hue — “Stumble On,” from Shoreline

The Can From Hue are currently unsigned and have many shows lined up. To see more information about the band visit their myspace, myspace.com/catfromhue, or visit them on Facebook. See below for a video of them live, acoustic, as well as a look at their upcoming shows.


Members of The Cat From Hue

  • Nikko Van Wyck – Guitar | Lead Vocals
  • Wes Williams – Lead Guitar | Vocals | Audio Engineering
  • Matt Olsen – Keys | Vocals
  • Evan Downey – Bass | Vocals

Upcoming Shows

Feb 26 2010 8:00P
The Slab w/ Subtle Like A T-Rex, Animal Outfit and Special Guests
Seattle, Washington

Feb 27 2010 8:00P
Columbia City Theater w/ Still Time, Candysound, and Quilt
Seattle, Washington

Mar 13 2010 7:00P
Ground Zero w/ Town Called Machine, Lets Get Lost, Celebra, and To The Sea
Bellevue, Washington

Mar 19 2010 8:00P
Candysounds Tour Kick off @ The Hell House w/ The Oregon Donor
Bellingham, Washington

Apr 30 2010 8:30P
Zippy’s Late Night w/ Candysound and Astronomer Royal
Everett, Washington

May 28 2010 8:00P
Laughing Ladies w/ Emily Lewis
Seattle, Washington

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  1. Ohlemeier says:

    Sweet to see my videos being brought up in reviews now. I’ve made these guys videos for almost a year, and hopefully for a few to follow.

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