Matt Pond PA’s “The Dark Leaves” is a musically mature, folk influenced, indie-pop/rock masterpiece

Matt Pond PA (credit: Jacob Pritchard)

With their upcoming release, The Dark Leaves, Matt Pond PA has made some positive adjustments to their usual indie-rock-influenced style. Matt Pond PA, while retaining their notable pop sound, seem to be floating into folk territory with this album with the soft-spoken lyrics, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and accompanying strings — dropping much of the electronics heard in their previous album, Several Arrows Later.

The first track, “Starting,” sets us off in the right direction — poppy, flowing lyrics, strings, and keys provide us a genuinely delightful music listening experience that begs the listener to snap right along with the music. “Starting” is done in a style mostly reminiscent of their previous album, Several Arrows Later, unlike the rest of the album which gives us a new and unique style.

Matt Pond PA — “Starting,” from The Dark Leaves (2010)

“Running Wild,” among an album-full of powerful music, is a dose of refreshing, pop-folk with ambient keys and strings that give their music a very powerful and moving feel. It is a sign of what I expect to see in the future from this band. Each and every song heavy with folk-like acoustics, strings and so on that carry an ambiance of music that Pond uses to further the emotional grip of his vocals. With The Dark Leaves, Matt Pond PA have fully displayed a musical maturity unmatched across all 8 albums to date.

The Dark Leaves, is set to release on April 6, 2010 under Altitude Records — available to purchase at the Altitude Records store, along with all their albums released under Altitude Records. They have released a special edition EP as well as their Starting 7-inch EP.

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