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Flagstaff Local Music

Jared Montgomery is’s Flagstaff, Arizona correspondent and the head of the new regional project for the area.

Here at, we are dedicated to bringing you independent music reviews, interviews news and downloads. Well, I’ve recently found myself relocated to the beautiful town of Flagstaff, Arizona, and I realized how much local talent this city has to offer. This has prompted me to start this regional chapter of From now on, you will see posts about your local Flagstaff music scene about as fast as we can get them up. In the next few weeks, you should be seeing more and more local coverage. Hope to see all you Flagstaff locals here, checking out what’s happening in your local scene!

Announcing Regional, new features

Oh, faithful readers, whoever you may be: It is with some pleasure I can now reveal our “grand plans.” The launch of Regional is here; our first region is Flagstaff, Arizona, where my brother — a writer here — has moved and is the head of the effort in the city. In the future, we will bring more regional coverage.

As always, if you’re interested in writing for, don’t be shy.

In the new features department, maybe you’ve noticed that we’re more colorful now. Thoughts? Leave a comment!