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Drum legend Lenny White to release new solo album

Lenny White with Stanley Clark 1976 Credit: Tom Marcello

Lenny White, best known for his work on drums in fusion jazz outfit Return to Forever, is readying his first release in ten years as band leader. Anomaly, White’s effort, comes off the back of a worldwide tour in 2008 with Return to Forever and a 2009 tour with Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke — together, they make up three-quarters of the group’s 2008 tour.


“We need to restart a revolution so that we can take back the music and stop the fluff,” White said in a press release from publicity group Big Hassle. “I’m hoping that this new album is a representation of that ideal.”

White’s most recent effort includes collaboration with Pink Floyd alumnus David Gilmore and former bandmate Stanley Clarke, as well as other musicians from jazz and rock music alike.

SPOTLIGHT: Panther Attack! sets jazzy, groovy standard

Panther Attack! @ ChopSuey 4/18/07

Panther Attack! have, to my mind, set a new standard for post-indie/punk/instrumentals. They have a unique ability to create a profound soul unmatched in their genre. Their dual-drum kits, bass, and guitar (often multiple) meld together to create free-flowing instrumental bliss — almost jazzy, definitely groovy.

They are from Seattle and have been preforming together since 2002. Panther Attack! has a self-released full-length album, Martyr Bonus, released in 2007, and in 2008, they released Sharp Moments EP on vinyl. Panther Attack! is not on tour, but they are currently booking new shows. The latest information about when and where they are playing can be found on their MySpace profile at, and detailed bio, release info, and more here at the site for Triple Down Records, their record label,

Continue reading for a video of Panther Attack! performing in Glendale, Calif.


VIDEO: Herbie Hancock at TED

Just a quick post — here’s a Herbie Hancock TEDTalk for your viewing and listening pleasure. Everybody loves some good jazz, right? Clocking in at nearly 30 minutes, this performance isn’t one to miss.

Spotlight: Colin Stetson | Frantic jazz evocative, but dangerous to public

Colin Stetson / Courtesy of Fanatic Promotion
New History Warfare, Vol. 1 Releases March 4 on Aagoo Records

Let’s get one thing straight: it’s not everyday one runs into music like this — nor should it be. Colin Stetson performs a frantic, solitary-instrument jazz on the bass clarinet and bass saxaphone, and while it’s certainly not bad, it ventures far into the realm of experiment: This may be a good thing for you and I, but if the common man were to hear things like this on a regular basis, a backlash not unlike reactions to Frankenstein’s Monster might be unleashed. Still, the two tracks posted below, “Letter to HST” and “Groundswell” are interesting, evocative, and all those other adjectives you look for in music. Be warned, though: It’s not your grandpa’s jazz.

Colin Stetson — “Letter to HST” | download

Colin Stetson — “Groundswell” | download

White Hinterland begins North American tour tomorrow

Winter Hinderland / Courtesy of Dead Oceans, photo by Tod Seelie Casey Dienel — the 22-year old performing a unique combination of jazz and indie as White Hinterland and the subject of a previous spotlight — is set to embark on her North American tour tomorrow, kicking off with a performance in Boston. The tour ends with a three-day stint at SXSW, but the final regular tour date, March 4, will see the release of Phylactery Factory on Dead Oceans. Dienel is touring with Taken By Trees, with whom Victoria Bergsman, previously of indie-popsters The Concretes, has been performing.

Winter Hinterland – “Dreaming of the Plum Trees” | download

Read after the jump for tour dates.


An interview with The Gorgeous Hussies

The Gorgeous Hussies / Courtesy of The Gorgeous Hussies, photo by Danny CarverThe Gorgeous Hussies, the previous subject of a spotlight, talk to regarding their music, their upcoming release, the recording process, and Salt Lake City.

The Gorgeous Hussies – “What Fool Would Feel”

Most anybody can listen to music and appreciate it, but it takes a certain kind of person to desire to create it. What influences you to create music?

Ryan Smith: There are a couple of things that drive me to create music: First is desire to play in general. The energy and natural high you get from performing is addicting. In that sense it is more intense and especailly gratifying when you create the music yourself. Anyone can play covers, but playing music you have created, and that people enjoy, is the main reason for creation. The second reason is just to drive ourselves to be better musicians. I like the fact that in this band I can play a few different styles. We are a rock group and since so much has been done with that genre it is hard to come up with new and creative music. It is a great challenge we are taking head on!


Spotlight: The Gorgeous Hussies

The Gorgeous HussiesThe Gorgeous Hussies, a Salt Lake City, Utah-based rock band with influences ranging from power pop to fusion, are preparing to release a new album. “Dangerously Similar,” from their release, Oh! Hello is an excellent introduction to the band’s unique style.

The Gorgeous Hussies – “Dangerously Similar”